Composite Bonding

What is bonding?

Simply, it is a method of applying tooth-coloured materials to teeth.

How does it work?

The use of composite resin (white filling material) for bonding was first developed around 50 years ago. To prepare the surface for the bonding agent, the tooth enamel is lightly washed with a weak acidic gel. After that, the dentist will apply small amounts of tooth-coloured composite resin material to a discoloured, crooked, short, chipped, decaying, or fractured tooth. The substance is then hardened and set using a special light. Thereafter, the material is polished to perfection. Once completed, the material will resemble genuine tooth enamel.

Why Bonding?


  • Natural-looking results.
  • Predictable cosmetic and functional outcomes
  • No drilling of the tooth is required; thus no injection is required.
  • The majority of cases are completed in a single visit. In most situations, reversible (Bonded composite veneers are reversible)
  • No impressions or temporaries are required.
  • In the vast majority of instances, future treatment options are numerous and varied
  • Failure is rare and straightforward to correct.
  • It can be completed in the chair and saves money by eliminating the need for a technician.
  • Appropriate for individuals of all ages with good dental and periodontal (gum) health.

Composite Bonding starts from £250 (Per Tooth)

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